For years, the Hotel and Motel Industry has depended on Winsham Fabrik to provide timely and attentive service....with a line of quality products priced for maximum value!

     For those of you who are new to our catalog, here are some of the Winsham Fabrik advantages.We give you the opportunity for "one-stop shopping" without having to pay a premium price.Our full range of hospitality products are readily available for immediate shipment.Our products are always priced to provide our customers with the best value.With our huge inventory and vast resource of vendors, you may be confident that any orders you place will be on their way at the earliest possible moment.Our sophisticated shipping network allows us to ship anywhere in Canada with speed and efficiency.

    Just like you, we understand the importance of personal, quality service for our customers.To all of our loyal customers, we would like to say once more "Thank You" for letting us serve you over the years.If we are new to you, and you are a buyer who appreciates the convenience and value of one-stop shopping, competitive pricing, quality products, a knowledgable staff, and quick shipping......get to know us.We look forward to knowing and serving you.



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